Wednesday, November 2, 2011

House Update

Not much to report, the house is moving slowly.

The tiling has been finished,  mirrors have been fitted, site has been cleared.

Bathroom, the mirror look great.

Kitchen, RedBox splash back.

Powder room, this mirror goes to the ceiling. Its huge!

The site has been scrapped. 
The block behind us has started to build, just as we are finishing the process.


  1. Hi Gary,
    Not long to go now :-)
    I reckon your PCi is only a week or 2 away :-)
    Looking good :-)
    Love that splashback & the powder room mirror is huge!
    I think a ladder is needed to clean it! Lol

  2. Hi Mel,

    I have been told unofficially that PD is hoping for a PCI this week. We have not been informed at present, will wait and see.

    I told my wife I would buy her a step ladder to clean the mirrors, she was not impressed.

    We started to get ready for the PCI, went through all our check lists and have about 70 items that need addressing, thats without going through the house.

    On a good note, the garage doors have now been fitted.

    On a bad note, we are going to ask PD to remove the cupboard above the fridge, the fridge will not fit when the flooring is installed. :-(


  3. I think they gave us a wks notice for PCI. Then handover roughly a wk & a half!
    Not good about the fridge cupboard :-(
    Can they amend it & make it higher? Even maybe a shelf?
    Ridiculous how they charge 300-400 just for that cupboard too!!
    Our fridge just fits luckily ( not even a cm space)!!!
    We didn't specify height, only width lol!!!
    After tonights Storms we had 2 leaks!! In garage & at front door, side pane in frame! Pretty pleased that was it. And with a few things needed fixing, PD have been straight onto it ;-) very happy with that ;-)
    Example; they installed a normal floodlight on garage versus a sensor one.
    Minor things!
    We are very happy & loving the house.