Friday, November 18, 2011

PCI on Monday

We have been given a PCI date, this Monday.

This will be an interesting meeting, been told it usually takes around an hour.  We had a list of about 70 items from all our previous inspections that have not been addressed.

We are not sure that we should do a PCI given the outstanding list, but will discuss this with our SS on Monday.

We are finally getting close to completing to house. We even have the gas meter installed.

The gas fitters removed the termite barrier (green hose to the left of meter)

We have had some issues with the brick work and mortar, PD had the bricklayers out to fix the problem ereas.  The bricklayer said the colour difference in the mortar would not be noticeable after the acid wash.

This is the mortar colour after the acid wash, don't think its the same colour :-)

 The cracks in the mortar (one week after the window seal was fixed)

The brickwork still looks to short for this window seal

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