Friday, August 26, 2011

House broken into ...

Went and had a look at the house last night, and the front doors were open.

Thought a tradesmen still working or forgot to lock up.

The door was kicked so hard it broke the piece of timber that had been screwed behind the door to secure it.

My wife drove passed in the morning and the door was open, so if no one was working on the house then it happened late Wednesday night or really early Thursday morning.

After trying to ring our SS and PD (no answer from either), decided to wedge timber under the door handles and exit the house from the garage door.

We are hoping that nothing was taken (kitchen has been installed), our SS will be checking today.

It is interesting that PD does not have a 24 hour contact number of things like this.

I hope however did it gets court and gets taught a lesson.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photos - Kitchen and Stairs

Here is a photo of the kitchen and stairs.

Most of the kitchen is installed. Not sure I like the blockhead above the wall cupboards.  The kitchen needs a small adjustment in height (30mm) because of our flooring going in after handover. SS said this was easy to do.

Stairs are in, need to plaster between the upper and lower steps and plaster needs to be done behind the stairs (currently looking into the pantry).

I like the solid timber first step (not in photo), will need to stain it to the colour of our floors.

Need to get more photo's - if the opportunity presents its self.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stairs and Kitchen

Spoken to the SS and have been told that the stairs have been installed and the kitchen will be installed today.

The fixout carpenter will be onsite either Wednesday or Thursday to fix the last couple of items in the house.

Things are starting to move quickly now, starting to count the days down until we move in.

Have a site meeting on Wednesday, will take some photos.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


The plastering has been started, here are some photo's, the house looks so different.

Rumpus room.

Family Room

Rumpus room door looking to front of house. 
Kitchen on left, family on right.

Future stair

Lounge room.


Games room.

Looking from the master bedroom down the corridor to the toilet.

Master bedroom.

Balcony door in master bedroom.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Garage Update - Conclusion

Had our site visit almost a one and half weeks ago, after which we decided that we were not happy with the conclusion.  Rang our CSC and asked to arrange a site meeting with the Construction Manager (CM). On Monday (we meet with the CM, SS and our new SS (YES we are getting a new SS). It appears that PD is going through SS's, this will be our third.

So even before we could discuss the garage, they had decided to remove the new pier (roller door could not be fitted) and remove the packing under the timber beams. We are extremely happy, the finish of the garage will be much better.

The timber structure holding the roof is held in place by metal strapping, its not free standing, which I thought it was, still the timber frame is not flush against the brickwork.
PD has agreed to seal the gap between the brickwork and timber beams to prevent the movement of air.

I must say that overall looking at all items that are outstanding, it was a productive meeting with the CM.

On the day of our site meeting with the CM, the plastering has started.