Sunday, November 13, 2011

House - thieving continues

We passed the house this afternoon and guess what, we have had our external lights stolen.

The house on Saturday.

The house on Sunday - after lights were stolen.

The security (sensor) light on the side of the house

The container used to reach the sensor light.


  1. Omg something so dodgy going on!!!
    Not good Gary :-)
    I am hoping that this stops!! sounds like one person is stealing your stuff!!
    Dodgy as! Dodgy tradies??
    What r PD doing about this nonsense?
    I'm a big believer in karma. Whoever is doing this will get it back twice fold ;-)
    Any PCI date yet?
    We r settled in a few things need fixing!
    They r being pretty good in responding!

  2. Hi Mel,

    Yes, we are having a few problems with thieves, not only did they steal the lights on Sunday night, Monday they took the rest of the sensor lights. Only one light left (not sensor) and the container they used to take the rest of the lights was beside it. Must of realized it wasn't worth taking.

    I sent PD an email about it and have heard nothing, don't think they really care, its just a part of being a builder. What is amazing it that they cut the cables without turning off the power. The fuse box is in the garage.

    Our PCI was going to be last week, then yesterday, and now I have no idea. I compiled a single list of all our previously discussed things, about 70 items and thats before we do our PCI.

    The other strange thing is the house seems to be getting left open very often, we think that a tradie is planing to come back at night and help themselves. It can't be the boss as they would have keys, just one of the workers.

    The house is coming along nicely, just very slowly. The way things are going we will not be able to get the driveway, floors, etc done before xmas. The tradies will be on holidays and therefore we will not be able to completely move in until sometime in Feb.
    PD are not doing the flooring.

    What things need fixing? anything major? Its good that PD are responding promptly.


  3. Hi Gary,
    Not good about PD not really caring about the thieving!
    In terms of things that need fixing;
    - evap cooling not working right!
    - water pressure in ens bathroom taps weak ( plumber coming)
    - sml plaster whole not usedby sparky - plasterer coming!
    - weather strips on front doors & laundry door
    - front door windowpane - big crack (water getting in)!
    - 2 leaks in garage
    - back external garage door key didn't work!
    - missing roof tile?

  4. More:
    - missing carpet underlay a few strips upstairs. Can really see it!
    - some other little things too!

    I am impressed with how quick they respond ;-)
    I think these things aren't to bad!


  5. Hi Mel,

    Its good that PD is responding quickly, it makes the whole experience so much better.

    We have our PCI tomorrow, I am not sure how it is going to go. I provided a list of outstanding items two weeks ago and not many of those items have been fixed. Not sure what benefit the PCI will be :-(

    If they can complete all the outstanding items, we should be moving in about one week (according to SS). We are really hoping that it happens.

    I have been told that even if we can get the floor laid once we move in, there is not much hope of getting the floor sanded and polished until end of Jan.

    We have our fingers and toes crossed in hope.


  6. Hi Gary,
    Hopefully your PCI went well?
    And here's hoping you get the keys ASAP!!!
    A shame you can't get someone in to do your floors before Xmas ;-(
    Arghhhh but I guess when u get those keys you'll be rapt.
    Yes I'm very impressed with the quick response & people coming to fix things.
    We Re lucky that my husband is home Monday's as the last 3 Monday's people have been coming. Good thing is they have all been turning up too ;-) I hate ppl that don't show up.
    Still a few things that need fixing. But overall we are happy.
    Mel ;-)