Thursday, September 29, 2011

Painting - Photo's

Kitchen looking towards the front door


Family Room

Games Room

Doors from Kitchen facing Alfresco


  1. Looking good Gary :-)
    What's the paint colour?

  2. Hi Mel,

    The walls are oriental White and the ceiling is white.

    What colour is your splash back? ours is Red Box.


  3. Hi Gary,
    Our splashback is also redbox ;-) lol
    Our carpet is being laid this wk!
    How's yours going?

  4. Hi Mel,

    Our electrical is about 90% completed, tiler is currently working, plumbers have not been yet. Our splash back is about three weeks away.

    Garage and Alfresco still need painting, carpenters still need to do work on the garage, brick layers need to be come back and fix a few things.

    We are doing our own flooring, PD would not do real floor board, so we opted for doing our own flooring. We have to arrange the carpet after handover. The ground floor will be timber floors which could take upto six weeks from the delivery of the timber. The timber needs to acclimatise before being laid.

    We have a site visit tomorrow morning, will get a idea of how the house is progressing.


  5. Sounds like we will be finishing at the same time. End of the month.
    Yes northern office has shut but they are still dealing with any jobs in the north (us) until handover. I have been told!
    Hopefully our houses are finished quick smart!
    I would have preferred real floorboards too but couldn't afford it! Can't wait to see how yours looks :-)

  6. Hi Mel,

    Neither can we (wait for the timber floors):-)

    Had a site visit this morning, tiling has been done, grout not finished. The wardrobes were being fitted out.

    One issue with the bathroom tiling, hopefully it can be changed, one section of the tiles is higher than another section. Its the same on the plans, so hopefully they will agree is looks crap.


  7. Hi Gary,
    My husband is meeting construction manager tomorrow!
    Which we will be given an actual PCI date! Hopefully!
    Apparently our electrical is booked in this wk!
    That's the main thing that's left to do & all little things like touch up paint, etc!
    Changing my kitchen door handles! Also been told this is booked in for this wk & render painted!
    Everything else is pretty much done :-)
    How about you? Any PCI date yet?

  8. Hi Mel,

    Your house is looking great.

    We still have lots to be done, we had the tilers grouting on the weekend. This week the framers are back in to finish the garage. No PCI date yet. We were told we could get a PCI date after tiling was finished, so i will ask.

    Plumbing needs to be finished, a couple electrical items need to be changed, shower screens need to be fitted, painting to be touched up, garage and alfresco needs painting, then we are all done :-)

    Our SS still thinks we will be in by mid Nov.


  9. Hey Gary,
    We had PCI today!
    It's looking like our handover is going to be Friday week!
    Any news on your house?
    I think they aim to get u in 1-2 wks after PCI.

  10. Hi Mel,

    We have a site visit on Friday, but currently I believe there is still to much to complete and PD does not appear to be in a hurry to finish the house.

    On Friday we will know more.

    Congratulations on the completion of your home.


  11. Hey Gary,
    No blog update for a while!!
    What's happening?
    pci happen yet?

  12. Hi Mel,

    No PCI yet, but was told about the 8th of Nov.

    Estimated moving date - end of Nov.

    Have some new photo's but haven't had a change to update the blog.

    Only small things are have been done - mirrors, tiling, shower screens.

    Painting not finished in garage, alfresco or stairs.

    We have another brick layer fixing the brick work.

    So how is the packing going? when is hand over?


  13. Hi Gary,
    Handover is tomorrow :-)
    What a stress it is getting the certificate of occupancy, organizing the bank to do a valuation, & making sure cheque will be ready tomorrow!! Arghhh
    Boxes are everywhere ATM!! Lol
    Hopefully your PCI comes around quickly.
    Looking forward to seeing some pics & hearing your finally moving in.
    Mel ;-)

  14. Hi Mel,

    its sounds like it requires major effect to get the bank stuff completed.

    I am sure that you are very busy unpacking and arranging YOUR NEW HOME.

    We have another site visit tomorrow and maybe we will get a better idea of when the PCI date will be.