Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Certificate of Occupancy

PD obtained the Certificate of Occupancy yesterday, we are now much closer to completion.
The bank has received the copy of the certificate so they can complete the processing of the final payment.

We have had our independent inspector do the Pre-Handover inspection, identified 32 items.

We still have not been given a completion date and the outstanding items are taking more time that we were hoping for, again we are waiting for PD.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Completed PCI

We had our PCI inspection today, interesting meeting.

We covered all our outstanding items and this time we could discuss the painting.  I must say that the SS made it a great experience. PD is trying to complete the house before the end of the month, it would be great if we could have the house by the end of the month, just not sure its possible.

Between the bank and PD, the timing of everything can be challenging. PD had a problem getting the certificate of occupancy due to water in the garage (brickwork had just been acid washed).  The inspector issuing the certificate rejected the house because of this.  The bank will not complete the paperwork for the final payment until they receive the certificate of occupancy.

The SS marked all problem areas in and around the the house, in all we had four pages (about 36 items) in total.  This is excluding the plastering/painting/brickwork issues.

Now its about getting the tradesmen back ASAP to fix the list of items.

Friday, November 18, 2011

PCI on Monday

We have been given a PCI date, this Monday.

This will be an interesting meeting, been told it usually takes around an hour.  We had a list of about 70 items from all our previous inspections that have not been addressed.

We are not sure that we should do a PCI given the outstanding list, but will discuss this with our SS on Monday.

We are finally getting close to completing to house. We even have the gas meter installed.

The gas fitters removed the termite barrier (green hose to the left of meter)

We have had some issues with the brick work and mortar, PD had the bricklayers out to fix the problem ereas.  The bricklayer said the colour difference in the mortar would not be noticeable after the acid wash.

This is the mortar colour after the acid wash, don't think its the same colour :-)

 The cracks in the mortar (one week after the window seal was fixed)

The brickwork still looks to short for this window seal

Sunday, November 13, 2011

House - thieving continues

We passed the house this afternoon and guess what, we have had our external lights stolen.

The house on Saturday.

The house on Sunday - after lights were stolen.

The security (sensor) light on the side of the house

The container used to reach the sensor light.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

House - Near completion

We went past the house and some more work has been done.

The garage doors have been installed, looks good.

The termite protection has been installed around the house perimeter except for the garage which is on the land boundary. I need to confirm if this is a problem.

Someone has moved the termite barrier to fix the problem with the slab being too short in some areas.  They have used an industrial grout to fix the problem and now the termite protection needs to be redone.

It's interesting the order things get completed. The slab being short was identified at our last independent inspection, months ago.  Now the termite protection has to redone because it was not addressed earlier in  the building process.

The range hood has also been installed.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

House Update

Not much to report, the house is moving slowly.

The tiling has been finished,  mirrors have been fitted, site has been cleared.

Bathroom, the mirror look great.

Kitchen, RedBox splash back.

Powder room, this mirror goes to the ceiling. Its huge!

The site has been scrapped. 
The block behind us has started to build, just as we are finishing the process.