Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things to consider when taking ownership of your new house

Its been a while since I have posted an update about the house, this is mainly because when we moved I lost access to the net, waited for Telstra to connect the phone and then waiting for our ISP to transfer the ADSL connection.

During this time I have found and learn a few things about taking ownership of our home, the following are items to consider before taking final ownership.

1) on your final inspection, take window clean and clean all the glass doors and windows. Almost all the glass doors have scratches and I have had a few discussion with PD about changing them and still have to further discuss the issue.

2) Check above all the door and window frames, our home has gaps between the skirting and the plaster, before taking the house we could of requested PD fix the issue, now all they will do is fill and paint the gaps.

3) We have air coming in from the glass sliding doors, we temporarily used a light fabric to cover the windows and doors and we get lots of movement when all the doors and windows are closed.

We didn't have PD do the flooring , we had our carpet installed and we are very happy with the finished product.  The lines in the carpet are the vac marks, its not a patterned carpet.

The wife had her dressing room fitted out. She is in love with the dressing room.


Next we need to get the timber floors installed downstairs, have to wait until end of Jan before this can be done. The pantry will be fitted out after the floors have been done.

Once the inside of the house has been completed it will be time to start working on the outside.

So far everything we have done to the house looks great, we just love our new home.