Monday, November 21, 2011

Completed PCI

We had our PCI inspection today, interesting meeting.

We covered all our outstanding items and this time we could discuss the painting.  I must say that the SS made it a great experience. PD is trying to complete the house before the end of the month, it would be great if we could have the house by the end of the month, just not sure its possible.

Between the bank and PD, the timing of everything can be challenging. PD had a problem getting the certificate of occupancy due to water in the garage (brickwork had just been acid washed).  The inspector issuing the certificate rejected the house because of this.  The bank will not complete the paperwork for the final payment until they receive the certificate of occupancy.

The SS marked all problem areas in and around the the house, in all we had four pages (about 36 items) in total.  This is excluding the plastering/painting/brickwork issues.

Now its about getting the tradesmen back ASAP to fix the list of items.


  1. Hey Gary,

    So did u get the keys?

  2. Hi Mel,

    No we don't have the keys yet :-). Actually PD still have not been able to give us a date, they want settlement be the end of the month. PD still has not get the certificate of Occupancy (CoO), apparently they are having the inspector back on Monday for the CoO.

    We had our inspector come through the house on Thursday, 36 items we didn't even know about. A couple of the items are a problem. For example the balcony door in the master bedroom has a lintel above it for the brick work, but according to the building code, it needs to have a minimum of three rows of bricks and we don't. It is possible that there is additional brickwork under the eave.

    The other big one is the moisture barrier around the slab has not been lifted before the soil was back filled. Now the termite barrier will need to be removed, soil removed from the slab, moisture barrier fixed, soil then back filled, then the termite barrier re-installed.

    We found that the kitchen tap has no pressure, like one of your taps. The other taps seem good. The splash back had to be removed, black spots behind the glass. We had to wait three weeks for the splash back, hopefully it will not take that long this time.

    PD were busy on Thursday working on the house, but on Friday it didn't appear that anyone was working on site.

    Its just a waiting game. :-)

    The SS has been trying his best to get the house finished.


  3. Hi Gary,
    Arghhhh I'm so annoyed for u ;-(
    Btw us get onto quotes for fencing & driveway.
    Really hard to get people out! Especially fencers.
    I have called 7 fencers & they don't show up, don't quote!!!
    Here's hoping u get the keys before xmas!!!
    Sending good vibes your way ;-)
    Mel :-)

  4. Hi Mel,

    Thanks, we are hoping to be in before xmas :-)

    Sorry to hear the problems about getting fencing quotes. What we did was walk around the estate and speak to the concreters about quoting the driveway. Since they were around the corner, they came and gave us an estimate of cost (we are still not sure how we want the driveway).

    We need a small retaining wall on the back corner of the house and then the fence sitting on the retaining wall, I have been told that we need council approval (total fence height including retaining wall is 2.4) and have been informed that could take three months. :-(

    We received a fencing quote from your next door neighbour. Will get the company name and pm you the details.