Friday, August 26, 2011

House broken into ...

Went and had a look at the house last night, and the front doors were open.

Thought a tradesmen still working or forgot to lock up.

The door was kicked so hard it broke the piece of timber that had been screwed behind the door to secure it.

My wife drove passed in the morning and the door was open, so if no one was working on the house then it happened late Wednesday night or really early Thursday morning.

After trying to ring our SS and PD (no answer from either), decided to wedge timber under the door handles and exit the house from the garage door.

We are hoping that nothing was taken (kitchen has been installed), our SS will be checking today.

It is interesting that PD does not have a 24 hour contact number of things like this.

I hope however did it gets court and gets taught a lesson.


  1. That's a damn shame. Really hope nothing was taken or damaged.

  2. OMG, you have been having the worst luck! Arghhhh
    Unbelievable :-(
    Hopefully from here onwards things go smoothly

  3. Hi Mullos, Mel,

    The SS told us that some of the doors were taken and needed to be reordered.

    Didn't mention the any other damage, I think we were very lucky.

    SS replaced the two temp doors with two new doors and
    the house is again locked up. We just hope its more secure.

  4. Hi Gary, is your fix stage completed? My painting is starting next week!

  5. Hi Mel,

    Yes we got the invoice on Wednesday, but I had a site visit on Thursday, skirting not quite completed. Should been finished today.

    Not sure when the painting is to start. I was told that the painter has been changed, SS not happy with the painter who did the outside.

    The kitchen needs to be adjusted, stairs needs frame and plastering, then painting should begin.