Friday, September 2, 2011

Fix stage completed.

Had a meeting with the SS on Thursday, did a walk though of the home.  It is looking great. The fixing stage was almost completed, skirting missing from a couple of the rooms and was finished today.

Had a small water problem in the ensuite, the cleaner (cleaning the portable toilet) turned on the water and one of the taps in the ensuite was missing a plug and water went everywhere. Some of the plaster on the rumpus room now needs to be fixed. Not sure how the water got to the rumpus room. SS is going to wait until the water has dried out and then identify what has been damaged by the water.

Water everywhere in the ensuite

Water leaking into the games room.

Kitchen, one of the carpenters fitting a door.


Powder room.

Stairs, needs a frame and plaster.


  1. Looking good Gary :-) can't believe we even picked the same col scheme in our ens bathroom. I like how you put extra cupboards in your laundry and powder room :-)
    Your stair rail is different too! Looks great :-)
    Our kitchens ate pretty identical lol
    Painter was on our site today. I reckon we will both be moving in by mid nov for sure :-) my pci is looking to be late oct!

  2. Hi Mel,

    You and my wife must just have good taste. I think the stairs look funny because the plaster is missing. I really like the stairs to, think the wife did a great job making this change.

    Yes as you have said, we are guessing that mid Nov will be moving in time. We have not been given a date for our PCI yet :-(

  3. I kept asking my SS & rep for a PCI date! Keep Asking!!
    But I do reckon we will be in around the same date ;-)
    Has painting started for you yet?

  4. Hi Mel,

    We have not heard anything about our PCI. If we are 6 weeks behind then that would put us mid to last Nov, but I am guessing more like Dec. They didn't even have anyone working on the house yesterday, today I can a small change, they plastered between the stairs.

    They have not started the painting, we are still waiting for the plastering at the back of the stairs to be completed. I am sure that the kitchen still needs to be fixed (adjusted 30mm) and the water damage need to be fixed.

    I am becoming frustrated waiting for things to happen, but there is nothing i can do :-(

  5. What bloody bulls$#it! they should be able to give u a pci date!!
    Are u unhappy with your SS?
    How about your customer service rep? Are they communicating to u weekly?
    Every weds I get an email from either one updating me on what's happening what's been done!
    I hope that your house continues ASAP for u.
    Maybe complain to higher up people if things aren't happening?
    They need to get moving according to your contract timeframe.
    I feel like I won the lottery with my SS!!!

  6. Hi Mel,

    What can you do, I was in at the PD offices the other day and the CSC didn't know that the SS estimates we are about 5-6 weeks behind.

    I have send an email asking for an estimates PCI date, will see what happens.

    The painters are scheduled to start early next week, just not sure that all the plastering will be completed (garage and alfresco).

    All our problems have stemmed from our first SS and the quality of the house frame. The second SS spent a lot of time getting the frame work corrected, and the third SS is making sure that the quality of the rest right. I don't want PD to rush and then stuff the quality up, even though it is causing use some grief.

    I am happy with our current SS, so far he has been straight with us about anything we have asked, even if we didn't want to hear something.

    We have already hear a comment about being paid penalties for the house if its completed late.

    The SS said that the plaster need to do some clean up work and painter need to do preparation work and thats why the house looks like nothing is being done.

    I can not complain about our CSC, so will wait for response before deciding what to do.

    How does your painting look? good I hope.


  7. Hi Mel,

    No PCI date available until after painting and tiling have been completed.

    Tiling to be done after painting has been completed. So two weeks for painting then tiling, tiling starts about the end of month which was approximately our original completion date. :-(


  8. Hi Gary,
    Haven't seen the painting yet!
    Every time I drive past the house over the last wk he has been on site.
    I don't go near the house when tradies r on site, let them do their job! And I promised my SS too!
    Driving by before my portico was rendered & painter on site!
    Didn't get to have a peek last weekend cause the painter was there! His been working solid everyday since last sat! So hopefully this weekend I can have a peek! Mel