Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stairs and Kitchen

Spoken to the SS and have been told that the stairs have been installed and the kitchen will be installed today.

The fixout carpenter will be onsite either Wednesday or Thursday to fix the last couple of items in the house.

Things are starting to move quickly now, starting to count the days down until we move in.

Have a site meeting on Wednesday, will take some photos.


  1. Hey,
    U getting excited? I know I am ;-)
    I can't believe that we are basically at exactly the same stage!
    Hate being locked out though lol
    Looking forward to seeing some pics of your kitchen & stairs.

  2. congrats Mel!!! you guys are nearly there!

    can't wait to see the house ready for handover.


  3. Hi Mel,

    Had a look at the stairs and kitchen this morning and took some photos, its looking good.

    We should of been in at the start of Oct but was told we are about 5-6 weeks behind schedule. Not sure if PD will make the time up, we will see. We are getting very excited, we are having a landscape designer come and design the garden, we will do the work ourselves, just want it to look fantastic when its finished.

    Lots of planning to be done.

    I think we will be at handover at the same time. :-)


  4. Hi Gary,
    Good to hear ;-)

    Finally PD gave us a date today of end of oct PCI, so prob mid nov will be settlement :-)