Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photos - Kitchen and Stairs

Here is a photo of the kitchen and stairs.

Most of the kitchen is installed. Not sure I like the blockhead above the wall cupboards.  The kitchen needs a small adjustment in height (30mm) because of our flooring going in after handover. SS said this was easy to do.

Stairs are in, need to plaster between the upper and lower steps and plaster needs to be done behind the stairs (currently looking into the pantry).

I like the solid timber first step (not in photo), will need to stain it to the colour of our floors.

Need to get more photo's - if the opportunity presents its self.


  1. Nice :-)
    I bet u enjoyed going up the stairs for the first time? Lol
    The blockhead does look odd!
    Will ok I think after it's painted!

  2. Hi Mel,

    It look strange when the ladder was removed, big opening. It does look much better with the stairs. We are hoping that the blockhead looks ok when finished, we don't remember what it looked like in the display home.

    Someone broke into the house yesterday, front door was kicked in, doesn't look like anything was taken, our SS will be checking.

    How is your house going?