Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Garage Update - Conclusion

Had our site visit almost a one and half weeks ago, after which we decided that we were not happy with the conclusion.  Rang our CSC and asked to arrange a site meeting with the Construction Manager (CM). On Monday (we meet with the CM, SS and our new SS (YES we are getting a new SS). It appears that PD is going through SS's, this will be our third.

So even before we could discuss the garage, they had decided to remove the new pier (roller door could not be fitted) and remove the packing under the timber beams. We are extremely happy, the finish of the garage will be much better.

The timber structure holding the roof is held in place by metal strapping, its not free standing, which I thought it was, still the timber frame is not flush against the brickwork.
PD has agreed to seal the gap between the brickwork and timber beams to prevent the movement of air.

I must say that overall looking at all items that are outstanding, it was a productive meeting with the CM.

On the day of our site meeting with the CM, the plastering has started.

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