Thursday, August 11, 2011


The plastering has been started, here are some photo's, the house looks so different.

Rumpus room.

Family Room

Rumpus room door looking to front of house. 
Kitchen on left, family on right.

Future stair

Lounge room.


Games room.

Looking from the master bedroom down the corridor to the toilet.

Master bedroom.

Balcony door in master bedroom.


  1. Hello,
    Thought I'd drop by your blog & yippee you've been plastered too :-)
    We care both now at the same stage!
    Apparently my stairs & kitchen are going in next wk!

  2. Hi Mel,

    Yes we have finally got plaster, the house looks so different. We were worried that it would be to dark in the house, but even before painting its so much brighter now.

    They have changed the date for our kitchen, originally it was the end of the month, it has been moved forward, just don't know when.

    It does look like we are about at the same point.

    Just looked at your blog, your house is looking good. We have a light post just beside the driveway, the light from the light post is so good, we will not even need to have the front lights on. Your photo's show a light post out the front of your home, you will not need to have your front lights on.

    Its now getting exciting, we have start planning the garden and driveway.