Friday, July 29, 2011

Garage Update - The fun continues

Been informed that PD need to add an additional Pier in the garage to support the roof. This has been done without my input, they just told me it has been done.

Ok, so here is my issue, the building plans were done by an engineer or draftsman so the number piers in the garage should be correct to support the roof.

So why would be need an extra pier, someone stuffed up. I am guessing that the roof trusts are wrong (just like in the trusts ordered for the rumpus roof) and instead of replacing them, PD has decided it would be cheaper to add the extra brick pier.

So what is the big deal, nothing except that
1) the garage for the Cremorne in not plastered,
2) the back roller door will not likely be able to be fitted,
3) the timber structure sitting on the brickwork holding the roof is not held in
    place by anything but the weight of the roof
4) Timber structure holding roof sits about 40mm from the back of the brick wall
5) Putting a extended Pantry in garage (added extra door from pantry to garage) and garage has insulation that is pointless since we have air flow between the brick work and the timber frame.

We meet with the SS on Tuesday for the next round of discussions. I could be wrong, but it appears the PD uses the Crisis Management style of management.  Surely someone thought to check that the roller door could still be fitted.

After our meeting on Tuesday will update on issues and we will see if I was right or wrong. On the weekend we are going for a drive around and having a look at some of the other PD homes that are being build to see if the garage is the same.

So how is the roller door going to be fitted between the the door and the NEW  EXTRA pier (230mm space).

The timber frame is not against the brickwork.  We will get air flow and therefore insulation is pointless.

You can see here that the roof trusts are short and an additional timber has been used to support the flushing on the roof.

Spacers have been added behind the timber.


  1. What troubles you are having :-(
    Hopefully they credit u or give you something to make up for it :-)

  2. Hi Mel,

    Just have not been happy with neither the quality and care of our home.

    Met with the Construction Manager and discussed some of our concerns and we are happy that they will be addressed.

    When you look at other PD homes being build, then at our home, its disheartening given the difference in construction and care going into the home.

    Just the general finishing off of things.

    I believe we have had an ok outcome from speaking with the Construction Manager. I don't blame any one person, just the process and the luck of the draw in who does what.