Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Site Visit

Had a site visit with our SS yesterday and identified some things that were wrong and somethings that are just dumb, thankfully both the SS and CSC agree that common sense will prevail and will be fixed (e.g. light switch behind open door).

I think that PD should look at changing the contract documentation process and simplying it.  We have multiple documents for electrical (3 documents) and in the contract you need to look at different areas to get the full picture of things that need to be done.  For example the plumbing description does not always match the visual layout. Therefore the power room was plumbed for the wrong taps, I can't really blame anyone, I think its just a result of documentation. I don't have an alternative approach, just think it should be reviewed.

While at the house, the fascia was being fixed, damage sections we being replaced.

The scaffolding has been removed and the garage roof will be completed this week depending of the weather.

The house is almost at lockup and plastering is going to start next week.

We are still waiting for a written response to our inspection report, but
all things being equal the house is back on track to be completed in October.

Will take some photos and upload them tonight.

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