Sunday, July 10, 2011


The brick layers have done a great job building the balcony, we are having tiles in the balcony and therefore we have 2 large openings for the water to exit.  

PD has put the floor in the balcony, as you can see it does not look very nice.  You can see the ply and cement sheeting from the water exit points. I hope that when the tiler does the tiles this is covered be metal edging (like what they use between carpet and tiles).

It makes me think about fitting down pipes after handover to prevent the brick work being stained, the garden destroyed by the water runoff when it rains and to hide the look of this finish.

Why doesn't the carpenter build the floor so when the tiler does the tiles, it is flush with these exit points.  I think that this would of been a nicer finish.


  1. Hi Gary,
    Hope your build is soldering on!
    It's such a slow process isn't it!
    Went to my site today & looked at my balcony!
    We don't have those openings like yours, but it's on our plans? Will ask SS about that one!
    Also had my inspection by NHI & noticed that everything he picked up that my SS has spray painted everything on site in pink to get fixed. So feel confident it will all be fixed ;-)
    How did yours go? All fixed?

  2. Hi Mel,

    We have had no action on the house in the last two weeks. The garage roof trusts are still sitting on the ground, have been told by CSC that plastering will start at the end of this week.

    Yes, the process is really slow. There is a PD house down the road from us that has been at post plaster for about a month, no change.

    Has you balcony been completed? Its not good that it was missed. Its good the NHI didn't find any other problems during the inspection. Our frame has four difference paint colours and still has issues. I went to the home show on Friday and NHI has a stall, spoke to one of the girls, its amazing what some of the builders try and get away with.

    We finally got the door we ordered (stacker), it has taken a few months, 3 doors (1 - stolen, 2 - opens wrong way, 3 - looks correct), a phone call with the supplier and a visit to their show room to prove they do the door as the plans had, then provided it to PD and waited 2 weeks before they agreed and changed the door.

    Thats the short story, The long story is much more amusing, maybe a future blog. If my wife had not persisted with this one, we would of been stuck with the wrong door. The one thing I would say is never accept what is said, without first confirming with multiple sources.

    The SS said usually takes about 2 months from completed plaster to house finished, are you will on schedule? The SS believes we are still on schedule to complete in Oct.


  3. Hi Gary,
    According to contract we should be in by early november! 260 something days on our contract & site started on feb 15!
    But my SS hasn't given me a date yet!
    He said he'll know after plastering stage.
    So fingers crossed it's before Xmas! Lol
    Apparently we are meant to be at lock up by the end of this wk!
    I reckon by next wk!
    If we are in by sept/oct I'll be surprised! Lol