Monday, July 25, 2011

Garage Update

The house has finally started moving again.

The downpipes have been fitted (except one over the garage roof), the roof of the garage has been installed, stacker door replaced and the framers have been working for fixing the outstanding issues.

 It is good to see progress.


  1. Yippee for you :-)
    Have they indicated when your house will be ready?

  2. Hi Mel,

    No indication of when the house will be completed. Still waiting for the items on our report to be completed. CSC and SS have indicated that the framers will start mid this week to fix the items, plastering will commence after that.

  3. Sounds like we were framed around the same time ? Mine was in Easter.
    I reckon we will both be in by nov or Xmas the latest!
    Funny how we are at the same stage too!
    It's a race!!! Lol

  4. Hi Mel,

    Currently having fun with PD and the garage. They have added an additional pier near the back roller door. I am pretty sure the back roller door will no longer fit.

    Meeting with SS on Tuesday and it begins again.

    I believe that the roof trusts are the wrong size, I don't believe they will put the roof down and start again.

    I am so over the issues I am having. PD seems to be trying to cut corners when problems occur and fix the problems as cheap as possible.