Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pre Plaster Inspection

The house is almost at lockup and we asked to be notified when we could arrange a pre plaster inspection for our our inspector (from New Home Inspections) which occurred last Thursday.

I had an agreement from PD about getting a written response from all the items in the framing report (Framing report was given to first SS) and any additional items in the pre plaster report from our current SS.

After receiving the report, I was really concerned.  There were items on the report that (at least to me) meant we had major problems with the house.

When I finally get a chance to speak to our inspector and he explained what ways PD could resolve the items in the report, I was relieved.  We also spoke about the items from the framing report, of which there are still three items which he was able to confirm as not fixed.

I am now waiting for our SS to provide a written response, but I noticed that he has been looking at the items because the insulation has been removed and a roll of sisolation was near the removed batts.

Insulation has been installed and the doors for lockup have almost all be fitted.

Not sure I like the way the insulation for the ceiling has been installed.

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