Thursday, June 2, 2011

Plumbing, Vacuum and Solar Prewire has been completed

Went past the house and even though the brick work has not been completed, the plumbers have completed the plumbing for upstairs, they have installed the pipe for the ducted Vacuum and done the pre-wiring for solar.

Ducted Vacuum point.

Kitchen kickboard sweep point.  This has a flap the you can lift and it engages the vacuum.  It is mounted at floor level so you can sweep into it. 

The hole in the brick work is for the vacuum, power cables next to it are part of the solar pre-wire.  You can't see it in the picture, but to the right of that cable is another hole for the safety switches, they are moved into the garage as part of the solar pre-wiring. That is the scaffold covering it, brick layers are back to complete the first floor. 

Cable in the roof for when we get solar installed (after hand over).  Argus Technology was to expensive to have them do solar.

Plumbing for the first floor 

We are going to arrange for our inspector to re-inspect the frame, given there were a few concerns.  The site supervisor is happy about them being fixed and has asked to be on-site for the re-inspection.  Should be interesting.  Need to contact NHI.


  1. Hello,
    I stumbled across your blog, we are also building the cremorne 42 & are currently at brick stage, half way thru.
    Looks like we both have the extra WIR in the master, very similar' lol
    Love your garage & the door into the pantry, very, very smart :-)
    Will be following your blog to see how quick you go!
    Youbshould technically finish before us. Lol

  2. Hi Mel,

    Yes I have just looked at your blog, the houses are very similar. We originally intended to have an expanded pantry into the garage and under the stairs (we opened it up from the back and removed the door from the hall) We were going to create a 2x4 mtr pantry but decided that we would put the spare fridge and freezer in the garage and build storage cupboards around them. This will allow us to still get the cars in.

    Were you able to change your electrical after contact signing? We are thinking of a few more things but have been told many times that we are not able to change anything after contact signing.

  3. Hi Gary,
    Your garage is unreal, i showed my hubby he was very envious. Lol
    He originally wanted a 3 car garage but he also wanted the extended alfresco, couldn't have both! Lol couldn't afford it.

    We originally had eaves on our first quote but after finding out it would be expensive especially when our site costs were 50k we had to cut bk on some things, including the bronte facade!

    In regards to the retaining wall PD won! I've let that one go now! But I'm a big believer in karma! Lol So if I was ripped off, the money will come bk to me somehow!

    Love your bricks too. Jarrah was my hubby's fav, but I talked him round to brushwood lol!

    In regards to making changes its a no go zone apparently! The only reason they allowed me to make those kitchen changes downgraded kitchen cupboards to laminex versus glossy & changed splashback col was because of the retaining wall issues! I really thought I'd only pay for half, so I got the credit bk thru downgrading my kitchen & they lost their margin on that! Which i assume would be high! No changes to electrical allowed!

    On a positive note our frame was quite good. No real major issues :-)
    NHI are really good. :-) not good about yours :-(
    Bricking is awesome. They r doing a fab job.

    I'll be watching your progress & hopefully your build is speedy. Lol

  4. Hi Mel,

    I can't take credit for any of the colour selection, my wife is much better than I am at colour selection and matching. She was responsible for most of the it.

    When we signed with PD, the land was due for completion in April 2010, but it got delayed, this caused us problem with PD about holding the price for the extra time. Couldn't sign a contract until the soil test was done. We were lucky in that during this time PD changed their promotion. We were able to change our promotion, save on site costs (almost all included), not pay to extend they price hold, but the house price was slightly higher. We had decided to put in real floors and therefore it didn't matter that we lost the floor covering (no carpet or tiles except for wet areas)

    I do believe we have had better tradesmen because of the framing issue and given I can be a pain to deal with, it was a way of keeping us at bay.

    Its a pain that PD does not allow variations, I have identified a couple extra items we would love to have.

    When you looked at the Cremorne display home, did you notice the finish at back of the house. The cement sheeting on the first floor above the rumpus room is not flush with the brick work. It might be a feature but I think it would of looked better being flush with the brick work. Bricks extend about 1/2 brick further than the back wall. Will upload some photos over the weekend.

    It will be interesting to see how the final build compares.

    Good luck with your house