Thursday, June 23, 2011

Issues - To summarize

Since the start of the house the following are items that have been identified as problems that have not been resolved.

I will exclude the outstanding issues from the about NHI which still need to be addressed. We don't know what items are outstanding until we have a re-inspection.  NHI suggested that since we are so near the pre-plaster inspection we should wait and have them together.

The crossover was damaged by one of the delivery trucks, PD will fix this done the track. 

When the frame was completed, we noticed the shower waste was missing.

One of the tradies removed the plastic cover for the storm water to remove the small duck pond that was forming in the driveway.

Since then crushed rock and bricks have been placed over the storm water point. I have spoken to SS about all the stuff (rocks, mud, etc) that has gone down the drain. I am not sure that the drain will be found and cleaned.

The brick window ledges are not long enough, water is running under the window seals and onto the back of the bricks and sisolation.

Guttering, dints and damage, resulting from other tradies working around the house.

Side windows on front door should of been double glazed windows, but according to PD, their supplier does not do double glazing so therefore these windows are excluded from the the double glazing of all windows as stated in the contract.  The issue I have is the contact does not have an exclusion listed.

Still debating if I will take with issue to VCAT.

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