Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brickwork around house completed

Brick work is completed around the house, waiting for a replacement lentel (stolen) before the garage can be finished.

Walked around the scaffolding and looked for problems and issues that might need addressing.
  The local birds have been having fun eating the rubber seals on the windows.

Found some issues with the guttering. 

Tiles have been lifted and are out of place.  Not a big issue, roof is not completed. The rumpus room tiles have not been finished. 
I don't really like the way the guttering is done where the eaves stop (facade) and rest of house gutting.  If I had my way again, I would have eaves all around the house.

Looks like a brick is missing from the end of guttering.

I really the brick work, the brick layers have done a great job.

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