Monday, June 20, 2011

More of the house completed

 Porter Davis has completed the back of the house.  Not what I expected, was expecting the back of house to be flush with the brick work. The cement sheeting is set back approximately half brick.  I thought that there was going to be foam (filling) between the frame and the cement sheeting. This would be made it flush with the brick work.

Went and had a look at the display house, and its the same.  As you can see from the photo, set about half a brick inside of brick work.  If we had known (or previously seen) we would of changed this to make it flush at contact signing. It doesn't matter how much you study the plans and contract you are bound to miss things. :-)

The internal lockout (this is where the carpenters) complete things like the bath,  eaves and preparing the frame for plaster is being done.



  1. Hi Gary,
    You are right the back does look silly ;-(
    A shame they don't mention it at contract signing! Arghhhh
    There should be foam filling? Odd!
    For the money we r spending, ridiculous really!!!
    Not good about people stealing stuff from your site either! Annoying!
    Someones obviously watching your house closely!
    Nothing been happening on my site for a while & my SS said today 2 more wks until they continue on the bricking! Arghhhh
    I also missed some things at contract! Silly one but didn't see the little gap in the laundry in between the troff cupboards & wall!
    How many days have you been at site? Do you think PD will finish in contract timelines?

  2. Hi Mel,

    I have seen solid foam blocks that are used to fill the void. The external cladding is put onto the foam.

    We started the site scrap in Jan 2011, with expected completion in Oct. I believe it is possible that they complete on time, but what does it matter, given the penalty is only $250 a week, what is $1000 if it gives them an extra month. The penalty is so small I don't believe they would care.

    We moved the trough and washing machine around so I could divert the grey water to the lawn. I had not noticed the space between the trough and wall. We might not have it :-)

    We are waiting for the brick layers to return and finish the garage. It needs the lentil put up (back roller door) and I think about four rows of bricks and it would be completed. We were told they were to finish it about a week ago.

    Now the fun starts with issues about the electrical.