Thursday, June 23, 2011

Electrical finished, Brick Cleaning, Insulation arrives

Electricians have came and gone.  All electrical has been finished - so they believe. We have a set of lights that will be changed to downlights after handover, they lights effectively form a runway down the corridor. These need to be repositioned to be evenly spaced.  Position of lights in the family room are wrong, the light position in the kitchen is also wrong, but the difference is that the electrical documents have this in the right position. The family room position is slightly out, should be centred in the room. I think having the owner go through the house as often as possible allows things to be fixed sooner which reducing the costs to the builder.

The power point  in the laundry is above the laundry trough, not a good position for a power point. I can't really blame anyone, the plans the electrician had were not quite right. We have three different documents for electrical and there are differences in each.  Light switch, power point, even the direction of the door opens are different and this all adds up to mistakes.

Missing outside power point  for future rain water toilet flushing

The insulation has arrived and this afternoon was being installed.  This is despite the SS deciding not in install the insulation on the ground floor until the roof of rumpus room being finished.

 Acid wash of the bricks, the cleaners said they needed to clean the bricks twice given how dirty they were. The colour of the bricks is so much nicer.  They looked good before, but they look great now.  When the scaffolding is removed they will complete the wash on the rest of the brickwork.

Electrical is preparation of the garage being completed.

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