Thursday, September 15, 2011


Had a site visit this morning, the painters were on site doing preparation work.  All the plastering had been finished (garage and stairs).

At this stage of the building process the house appears to have slowed down, not sure it actually has, but is seems to take forever to get the house finished.

Two weeks (starting now) for the painter, then tilers followed by electrical and plumbing.

We are currently six weeks behind schedule, the house should be completed by the first week of Oct,  currently looking at mid to end of Nov.

Its a slow slow slow process............


  1. Well painting is quicker than u think :-)
    Should be finished by the end of next week ;-) the next 8 wks will fly & it will be worth all the headaches ;-) you'll be in your castle!
    Then it will be Xmas lol

  2. Hi Mel,

    Painter were working yesterday. I hope your right, the painters will be finished quickly. I agree that time if flying and we will both be in our new homes very soon.

    That when the real work will start. Gardens, fences, driveway, etc :-)