Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gas Log fireplace.

We had PD build a projection for a future fireplace.

After initially looking last year and only seeing one fireplace we liked, we decided to wait until this year and look again.

We have been to every home show and fireplace retail store we could find and decided on the original fireplace we liked last year.

We had a platform build to hold the heater and we had it installed a couple days ago.

Cutout for heater with plaster cut so we could minimise the re-plastering work.

The heater installers could not get the heater in place with the plaster cut so accurate, they needed to cut the extra plaster away to install the unit.

Here is the heater on, it heats the rooms beautifully, no need to use the central heating given we live in a couple of the rooms.

In the last photo you will see the power cord hanging out of the projection, the power inside the projection was not connected by the electricians before handover because they were not able to test the connection (hidden in the wall).  

The electricians came out on the day and fixed the issue, but I think it would of been informative for PD to let us now that any prewiring we had done would not be completed if they were not able to test the connection before handover.  

PD was really good about getting the electrician to contact us about this. I am not sure what would of happened if we have not done the heater for a couple of years and then found the problem, most likely we would have had to pay for an electrician to come and fix the problem.

All we need to do now is get it plastered and painted.

I think it looks great and it really sets the ambience in the room. 


  1. looks really good, what brand did you go for?

    Love to see a wide pick of how it looks in the room.

    Well done

  2. Thanks,

    We purchased the Rinnai Symmetry Gas Log flame fire.

    I will take a photo of the room and post it.