Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Completed flooring and garden

We used black butt for our solid timber flooring.  The thing I really like about our floor is there is no quad around the walls.  It was a very long process getting the flooring done, but well worth it.  We were without flooring for about 4 months after moving in (we didn't get the builder to do the flooring, they don't do solid timber only floating floors).  We needed to have the skirting fitted and then both the skirting and walls painted/touched up.

The lawn was laid in April last year and I think it look great.

A couple days of rain and its so green, the only regret is not installing sprinklers before laying the grass.  Kikuyu Kenda Turf is a great lawn, we were told by the supplier that once it gets established it has low water requirements, but over summer we noticed that sections of the lawn dying. Installing the sprinkles would of made the maintenance easier. Over Summer it needed to be mowed every week, it is a very quick growing grass.


  1. The floors look great, which company did it for you?

    I have Kikuyu grass to and it sure grows quickly in summer, it goes a bit yellow in winter, but it is so thick and lush at the moment.

  2. Thanks,

    We are really happy with the floors. I had my brother who is a builder do the floors. We were lucky because he normally doesn't do this kind of work, generally restores old victorian style homes.

    The grass didn't go yellow on us, but we had two sections of the lawn that started dying. We had a couple plants overhanding onto the lawn and where the lawn got no sun light it also died.

  3. Love the floors! Reminds me of how much I can't wait to have ours sanded and finished. We're very lucky that our builder allowed us to have them installed ourselves before hand-over (to avoid the skirting issue you mentioned above).

    I also can't wait to have lawn like you! It's looking great :)

    1. Thanks,

      We were lucky in that PD agreed to leave the skirting off (but then we had to cut and paint it). It minised the marks (didn't have to remove skirting) and therefore simplified the job.

      PD didn't want to risk having the timber on site and risk it being stolen before handover. I can't blame them, I wouldn't want the risk either.

      What kind of lawn are you getting, turf or seeds?

      We are on a corner block, but we only did the back (and front with what was left over), I regret not doing all the whole natural strip. It was just to expensive. We are going to seed the rest with Kikuyu seed.

      I love that the lawn is well established, it look great from day one.

    2. That was good that PD left the skirting off for you.

      We organised and paid for our timber flooring separately to our builder and used the same company to supply and install so they turned up with the timber on the day of laying. This minimised the theft risk, but it is still a worry. Carpet we're having installed after hand-over.

      We're getting Sir Walter Buffalo turf. That's a great tip about the nature strip. Will see what the budget allows! Seeds might be the go :)

      I love Kikuyu grass, but our garden will have a lot of trees and isn't very big, so it will get a lot of shade (especially the front) and Buffalo's are more shade-tolerant than Kikuyu (well, so I'm told!). We're also going to look into in-ground irrigation like you suggested.

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