Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lighting and flooring

We have been busy in the house lately, we changed the lights in the kitchen and family rooms, added ceiling fans to the kitchen, family, alfresco, games and master bedroom. The ceiling fans have made a difference to the temp up stairs.

We put in LED downlights in the family room and passage. Replacing of the halogen globes with LEDs, the six globe light in the kitchen hanging over the island bench currently uses 300 watts, this will become about 36 watts or less depending how good the LEDs are.

The flooring has been started down stairs, the ply is currently getting laid, hopefully the floor boards are laid later this week.

After the floors are done, the blinds will be installed, they have being held until the flooring is finished.

We have starting planning the driveway, going aggregate (not sure what type). We are waiting for the concreter to get back to us with a couple reference sites so we can see the the different aggregates.

We have a garden design, it all starts with the driveway.

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