Friday, May 6, 2011

Framing Begins - so do the problems...

So far, site scrapped, slab laid ... all is good.

Frame is scheduled to start on the first week of February.
At this point we have been waiting to be contacted by the Site Supervisor. We will call him S (for site supervisor).

The frame starts.

Framing continues.

Get invoice and email for frame completion 23/3/11.

Fantastic, frame completed,  then the problems start.

Go and look at the completed frame, roof not completed, missing door from garage into house, position of windows wrong, position of front door wrong, missing projection (for future fire place) missing.

At this point we schedule for someone from New Home Inspections (recommendation from homeone forum site) to inspect the frame.  19 items of non building code compliance.

I passed this report into PD and asked for a written response to each item. I have not received a written response to the items in the report, I was told via email that these items will be rectified as per the report.

Get told be PD that the Brick layer is scheduled to start but given that some of these items in the report relate to the brick work, I ask that these get addressed first.

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